An Explosion of Color

I started to wear eyeglasses at age four but don’t remember much about that process until my exam at 13. When the exam was complete, the optometrist asked to speak to my mom privately. The next day my folks told me that my eyes were deteriorating at a very rapid rate. However, there was a new product that I could try that was supposed to help delay vision loss. After consideration of the expense and my maturity level, my parents wanted me to try it. Two weeks later, I was introduced to the experiment. Contact lenses!

The contacts arrived and they were made of hard plastic. After numerous attempts, I learned how to keep my eyes open while popping the contacts in and out.  When the tears finally stopped and I could focus, friends, it was as if I had gotten off the bus in OZ! Everything looked so REAL and so COLORFUL.  I ran around our yard touching leaves, flowers, pine trees and even the pets. It was as if I was seeing for the very first time.

Did you know there is a profession of people who study the psychology of color in an effort to determine what emotions are sparked in the human brain by various colors? For example, light green produces feelings of balance, harmony, and growth as it represents the renewal and restoration of spring. Conversely, darker greens trigger darker emotions such as greed and selfish desire as these tones are most frequently associated with money. And some colors are a little of both. I love a specific green fruit and eat it almost daily yet, I can most certainly assure you I will never have another avocado appliance in my lifetime!

I read in the March edition of the AARP Magazine* that the color of the walls in a home can actually increase or decrease the resale value. Who knew that powder blue/periwinkle walls actually add $5,400 to the value of your home; while off-white can decrease your home value by $4,035! Our second home had a BLACK master bedroom. It took a lot of paint and sweat equity, but I never thought to ask for a discount from the sellers.

What is the difference between periwinkle blue and cerulean blue (which only gains you $1856 in value) anyway?  To find out, I bought a new box of 64 Crayola Crayons. Contained inside were TEN crayons with blue names. They are cadet blue, turquoise blue, blue-green, sky blue, pacific blue, cornflower, indigo, just plain BLUE and yes, cerulean and periwinkle! Not that all this research matters to me. I live in a log home with only one painted wall on the main floor. My husband influenced the log home decision after painting that black wall!

I believe that color does matter to overall wellness. I personally love the beauty of God’s canvas, the blue of the sky, the white of the clouds, the green of the grass, the orange of the sunset, the black of the night, the wonder of a rainbow.  These colors, especially in their natural environment speak to my soul.

Our new bus design was intended to be an explosion of color that crossed the entire spectrum. A FIESTA of color if you will!  What better way to Celebrate Life than through color! In the coming months, we will be introducing more color to Pines Village in various ways. I hope you will find your favorite on display and that your life will be enriched by “Living in an Explosion of Color.”

 *"The Color of Money." AARP The Magazine, Feb.-Mar. 2018, p. 13.