Leprechaun Luncheon & Spring Open House

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Leprechaun Luncheon & Spring Open House

Leprechaun Luncheon & Spring Open HouseWhen:  Sunday, March, 17, 2019
Time:  12:30 p.m.

RSVP:  Kathy Sheely at 219/465-9918 or k.sheely@pinesvillage.org

Spring is right around the corner... and it's the perfect time to consider a lifestyle with fewer chores and worries, alongside greater security.

At Pines Village Retirement Communities, exceptional housing choices along with a host of customizable amenities let you design your life.

Enjoy a complimentary "St. Patty's Day" lunch, including corned beef and cabbage, to get a taste for our menu! Afterwards, Residency Coordinator Kathy Sheely will give an apartment tour and answer any questions.

Learn more about a life full of freedom with the opportunity to relax, explore new interests, and grow among your peers.